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Gordon Kohl
Professional Accordionist & Educator
Phone: (619) 395-0454

Gordon Kohl's playing credentials include TV commercials, videos for projects such as the AIDS Foundation and radio and TV shows, including work with Shirley Jones, Andy Griffith, and the KPBS Radio Ethnic Hour. He has appeared in Las Vegas, at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego on stage with Mr. TV Accordionist, Myron Floren and at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego for the first July Fourth event.

Saturday, September 9th @ 3P.M.

Rancho Bernardo Library on Bernardo Heights Road.

Gordon will be playing the NEW "Concerto 300" Digital & Acoustic Accordion. This Instrument has the Realism of a full Orchestra. The Music theme will be Music Through Time. Gordon's Musical Arrangements, and use of Digital Instrument sounds with a Reed Accordion is unique and amazing. This New Age Wireless And Bluetooth Accordion is wonderful .

Look for my music Gordon Kohl Accorions on Youtube

Gordon Kohl Accordions

Gordon Kohl Accordions

Events Calendar

Gordon has developed a special sound on the digital accordion and conducts monthly acoustic and electronic workshops in San Diego, as well as special workshops at conventions, accordion festivals and accordion clubs, using learning tapes and teaching materials he has developed. These are active workshops in which attendees can participate by playing a variety of music on their accordions.
In addition, Gordon has been teaching at his own accordion & piano school since the age of 20, allowing him to stay in touch with changing trends in music education. Students today want to explore ideas of what the accordion left hand can do to add harmony and rhythm to dance styles such as Salsa, Java, Latin Tango and Beguine, as well as jazz, boogie, Zydeco, Klezmer, Tex Mex, Cajun, Musette and classical selections, challenging both students and teacher.

He plays weekends with a local dance band, as well as solo, around Southern California. He entertains at Octoberfests, conventions, accordion events and ethnic celebrations.

Publications include several books of instruction and music, as well as CDs and cassettes of both established tunes and his own originally composed and arranged accordion music. These many years of experience have produced a competent, skilled, dedicated, multi-cultural accordionist.

Mission Statement
To promote the enjoyment of accordion music...
To encourage playing acoustic and digital accordion as fun instruments...
To elevatate the accordion as a serious musical instrument...
To advance the satisfaction of playing the entire family of keyboard instruments...
To promote the pleasure of live music...
To foster professionalism in the music field...
To continue a tradition of music education for children, teens and adults...
To develope new models of the accordion for children as well as the professional musician...
To pass on a wealth of music to future generations...

Built to your specifications...Size, Color, Reed, Etc.

Direct: (619) 395-0454
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